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Group 44 Audis

The term "boat in a bottle" refers to a race car built to unit body
requirements.  The tubes on the interior are placed in such a way as
to take full advantage of "tube frame' engineering while retaing the
required unit body.  Building this way makes for a heavy car but rules
in certain areas required this.  Regarding the IMSA and SCCA Trans-A
cars that were raced by Group 44, they were built and engineered in
Germany, drivers were selected by the factory and Group 44 was not
allowed to make any significant changes initially.  They had a litle
more latitude later on.  In fact Tullius wanted to drive one but was
denied several times.  This is not to say that they couldn't have
designed a superb car, cause they could have, but the factory thru Joe
Hoppen didn't want that.  What they did furnish was their immaculate
preperation and outstanding pit work all attributable to Lanky Foshee,
who still run the shop in Winchester and I can say a friend for over
25 years.  He used to weld up my ring an pinion back when I had no
racing budget.  They never failed in over 20 years of racing.  Don't
think that this added much but maybe some additonal information.
"Bob" Hines "when the green flag drops the bullshit shops"