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Re: IA chips

In a message dated 95-12-17 05:42:06 EST, you write:

>m very interested in this IA chip bit for when I get my TQ.  Anyone out 
>on the west coast want to give Ned a call and see what his opinion on 
>this is?  Scott, you've been unusually quiet, what's your opinion on this?
>	-Mike

Opinion on what? ......  There is plenty of info in the archives on chip
upgrades, and Ned's number is available to you as well.........  Intended
Acceleration is located in Olympia Washington......  He will be in
NZ/Australia from 12-25 for a while, so you best get a call to him
soon.......  He has a three day turnaround on the boxes, get the tq first,
within a week you can have the go fast goodies....