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V8 in the snow

Today in Saint Louis, we received several inches of snow.  This is 
actually the first significant snowfall we have gotten since I 
acquired my V8 in April 94.  My previous two cars were also all 
wheel drives(eagle talon turbos) and I thought the weight of the V8 
might hurt its handling in the snow.  I found that the two ton beast 
handled exceptionally well in the snow.  I was running errands 
before the snow removal crews had a chance to do much to non-highway 
roads, and was tracking through the crud better than andy other car 
and most(if not all) 4x4 trucks.

One thing of interest is that there have been some questions as to 
whether or not V8's have the upgraded transmission software.  To get 
the most out of the V8, I selected the manual setting and left in 
only second or third gear.  (my software has not been upgraded based 
on the information provided from the list)  This allowed minimal 
wheelspin and more than adequate acceleration for the conditions.

Also, what is the torque split for the V8 because it felt more bias 
toward the rear, which was nice because one could steer with the 
throttle around corners(with a slight rally car slide).  Anyway the 
car was incredible and I am looking for more excuses to run "erands" 

Merry Christmas

Randall C Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro