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Re: V8 in the snow

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Randall Markarian wrote:
> One thing of interest is that there have been some questions as to 
> whether or not V8's have the upgraded transmission software.  To get 
> the most out of the V8, I selected the manual setting and left in 
> only second or third gear.  (my software has not been upgraded based 
> on the information provided from the list)  This allowed minimal 
> wheelspin and more than adequate acceleration for the conditions.

this transmission was designed for both the v8 and the bmw 7 series
cars.  the manual settings for takeoff in 3rd was really meant for
those bimmers.  that's why when audi "upgraded" the transmission
they did away with that winter mode trick.  the car doesn't need

with snow tires, the only time you will ever get wheelspin is if
you're on glare ice. i rather have safety than drama, quite honestly.
> Also, what is the torque split for the V8 because it felt more bias 
> toward the rear, which was nice because one could steer with the 
> throttle around corners(with a slight rally car slide).  

all audis are nominally 50-50 under no slip conditions.  the ratio
then varies depending on the slip.  torsen and the v8's computer
controlled clutches are much more linear in its torque redistribution
than viscous couplings used on other 4wd cars.

the v8 is light in the rear and has a torsen there, so that would
account for its ability to be power oversteered.  and because
excess spin can then be funnelled back to the front, the car is
probably one of the most docile vehicles out there.