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Re: Confusion on Shocks.. and more

In a message dated 95-12-19 10:38:54 EST, you write:

>Now, I have the same story as Bob D. with Gabriel Silver E's on my yvehC 
>K3500. They would literaly fall apart after 600 or so miles of highway
>use. I replaced them 3 times and finally went with Rancho 9000 which
>have done remarkably well after 15K miles.
>I guess the only lesson here is, don't make your decision based on the
>anecdotal evidence of one or two examples. I wouldn't buy Gabriels
>again but that doesn't mean you couldn't.

I guess I can add one of those anecdotes--I installed Gabriel Striders on a
Puick (Grandpa's car, not mine!) many years ago.  60k miles later, one of
them broke, two others were very loose--dealer replaced them all at no charge
but labor (about $40 for all four corners--try that on an Audi).  

OTOH, given the price of struts for these cars, we almost have to ask
questions about how they work--selecting the wrong ones not only cost more
but are much more involved in changing out.

just $2/100 change from lunch today.