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BOGE Struts

Hey all,

It seems everyone is looking for Boge struts and no one can find them.  I
deal with a distributor in Chicago who usually has them in stock.
Unfortunately, he's not ready to be inundated (sp?) by qheads.  He has
specifically asked me NOT to put his name out to the list.  However, if
anyone is interested in arranging a group purchase, I'll see what I can do.
There will have to be some creative receipt work done for warranty purposes,
but I think that can be worked out.  I got a pair in April for $55 each plus
about $8 in shipping for the set.  I'm assuming they would all be shipped to
me and I would distribute, so figure another $8 from me to you.  So, $1120
to $130 would get you a new set of Boge turbo whatevers (all I can tell you
is mine are yellow for an '86 5kcstq).  

Hopefully, no one will rant about how I'm exploiting the list for profit.
This is NOT the case.  I've done this before and I lost a buck or two.  But
for the help (and occasional humor) you folks dole out in return, I consider
it a wash.

Anyone interested can e-mail me direct.  For now, I'll set a target date of
1/15/96 to place the order.  


Allan Tygert