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Re: BOGE Struts

>Hey all,
>It seems everyone is looking for Boge struts and no one can find them.  I
>deal with a distributor in Chicago who usually has them in stock.
>Unfortunately, he's not ready to be inundated (sp?) by qheads.  He has
>specifically asked me NOT to put his name out to the list.  However, if
>anyone is interested in arranging a group purchase, I'll see what I can do.
>There will have to be some creative receipt work done for warranty purposes,
>but I think that can be worked out.  I got a pair in April for $55 each plus
>about $8 in shipping for the set.  I'm assuming they would all be shipped to
>me and I would distribute, so figure another $8 from me to you.  So, $1120
>to $130 would get you a new set of Boge turbo whatevers (all I can tell you
>is mine are yellow for an '86 5kcstq).  
>Hopefully, no one will rant about how I'm exploiting the list for profit.
>This is NOT the case.  I've done this before and I lost a buck or two.  But
>for the help (and occasional humor) you folks dole out in return, I consider
>it a wash.
>Anyone interested can e-mail me direct.  For now, I'll set a target date of
>1/15/96 to place the order.  
>Allan Tygert
Do to apparent confusion, I'd like to clarify this: 120-130 for TWO strut
cartridges.  The price may be somewhat different for 4000 vs my 5000 (don't
know if there the same cartridges).  I'll post that info if required.