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More Boge strut info

For any interested in getting Boge replacement strut cartridges, here's what
I found out this morning:

For 4000's: Oil filled struts are $39 plus shipping per cartridge,  Gas
(Turbo or Pro Gas) $47 per cartridge plus shipping.

For 5000's, and 100/200's:  Oil filled struts are $39 plus shipping per
cartridge.  Gas (Turbo Pro Gas) $52 per cartridge plus shipping.

I will place one order for all interested list members and repackage and
ship them once I get them.  Based on what I paid for shipping for a pair
($8.00), assuming the same charge from me to you, and the cost of
repackaging, let's figure $20 will handle shipping.

As for the warranty issue, I called Boge/Sachs this morning.  I can get an
itemized receipt from the distributer stating 2 of these for Mr. Smith, 4 of
those for Mrs. Jones, etc.  Boge said Xerox copies of this type of receipt
would be acceptable for warranty purposes.

As I said earlier, I figure on placing the order on or about 1/15/96.  You
can figure 1-1/2 to 2 weeks from there to get your strut cartridges.  

Anyone interested, e-mail me directly. 

Happy holidays!

Allan Tygert