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'86 4KCSQ For Sale (MAYBE)

	As some of you may remember, my '86 4KCSQ was recently hit. The 
insurance company has told me they are going to total the car, even though the 
damage is only cosmetic (I'm still driving it, even throught the '95 Nor 

	I hate to get rid of this car, and I'd hate to give it to the insurance 
company.  This would make a GREAT parts car or even be a fixer uper for someone 
with the time.

	The car was hit in the rear left.  The bumper strut was NOT hit, so the 
bumper is still straight, but the left peice is broken off. The trunk and both 
drivers side doors will need to be replaced, as well as the rear left turn 
signal and quarter panel. That's it.

	This car was PERFECT before it was hit. It has Eibach springs (less that 
1 year old) and Boge Gas shocks all around.  The engine has 168K miles on it, 
and I have EVERY reciept for all work done on for me and the previous owner, 
including EVERY oil change at 3K mile intervals.

	I may pull the springs and sell them separatly if anyone is interested.

	Car also has a pullout Alpine steroe with Boston Aucustics speakers and 
Fuba antenea.  I may take these out for my next car.  But who knows.

	Anyone interested in this car?  It's located in Acton, MA, about 40 
minutes west of Boston.

	Please respond via private email if interested.  Going to look at two 
differnet '87 5KCSTQ's this weekend as a replacment!!

Paul Luevano					2 wheels:	'94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com					4 wheels:	'86 5KCST
DoD #1599	 						'86 4KCSQ     
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