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Two Boge struts and a new vendor in a pear tree

Ho Ho Ho everybody!

Interest in new Boges seemed pretty high.  I talked to the wholesaler I deal
with in Chicago (the one who wanted to remain nameless).  It seems someone
else at the company has already started advertising on the WWW.  When I told
him I found the add on the web, he said what the hey, tell the quattro list
about the company and him in particular.  

The name of the place is Northside Imports in Chicago.  The person I have
dealt with for the last year or so is named Dennis.  Hey can be reached at
800-247-2491.  If interested, do a web search for the company name.  It will
tell you what other cars they carry parts for (pretty much exclusively
eurocars).  Dennis said to mention you found out about him on the quattro
list.  Can't tell you what kind of discount he can give, cause I don't know
myself.  Here's a few examples of what I got and what I paid for it (my car
is an '86 5kcstq)

Multi function sensor           $38.95 + $4.00 shipping
New Radiator (metal ends)       $135.00 + $7.35 shipping
Pentosin                        $7.95 / can (liter?)
Fuel pump                       $143.00

These were all significantly lower prices than I could get from dealers our
local parts stores.  They typically ship the day of the order, so I see it
in snowy upstate NY within two or three days of placing the order.  

I have no connection with the company yada yada yada.  I just figured some
of the prices I've seen people pay for parts on this list seem high.  Hope
Dennis can help you out.

Allan Tygert