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Re[2]: ABT

          Brendan, JT Motorsports isw the group who is either unwilling or 
     unable to answer questions about parts that they already sold me.
     Thanks-anyway, Todd.

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Subject: Re: ABT
Author:  Brendan Rudack <rudack@ucsub.colorado.edu> at Internet
Date:    12/19/95 10:37 PM

In the U.S.  the ABT distributer is JT Motorsports in California. 
Phone:  805-579-9123.
Brendan Rudack
On Tue, 19 Dec 1995 Todd_Candey_at_Robo-RD3@robogate.usr.com wrote:
>           I was wondering if anybody has a phone number or an e-mail 
>      address for ABT. I need some questions answered re: part numbers and 
>      the dealer/dist. can't answer them.
>      TIA
>      Tcandey@usr.com