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Re: 4K quattro clutch replacement

     Yeah, it by far is less than fun, I did mine in the same car at approx 
     140k. The only tips I have for you are:
     Have plenty of strong help available, this thing is HEAVY.
     Watch out for the diff lock actuator, it's easily damaged.
     While you are in there, check and replace anything and everything that 
     looks suspicious or worn 'cause this is the kinda thing you won't want 
     to do again.
     good luck, todd.

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Subject: 4K quattro clutch replacement
Author:  BeerWerks@aol.com at Internet
Date:    12/19/95 10:27 PM

I'm spending my holiday wknd pulling the trans. on the 4KQ to replace 
tempermental release bearing and figured I may as well repl. both disc and 
prss. plate as well(151K on original clutch). Anybody out there who has done 
the job with some advice or warnings?The Bentley manual looks straight 
forward.... ....Andy