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Re: 4K quattro clutch replacement

> I'm spending my holiday wknd pulling the trans. on the 4KQ to replace >
tempermental release bearing and figured I may as well repl. both disc and
> prss. plate as well(151K on original clutch). Anybody out there who has
done > the job with some advice or warnings?The Bentley manual looks
straight > forward.... ....Andy

I had a brief discussion with a dealer's service manager a few months ago
regarding the clutch on my 86 4kCSQ (I was afraid it was near its useful
life at 165k miles, but I have been told I was wrong by many members of
the list).  Anyway, the service manager said that the entire transaxle is
dropped to do the work.  He said that some of the bolts are held in with
Red Loc-Tite (the good stuff).  He said that they usually heat the flange
with a torch (isn't the gas tank nearby?) to ease removal.  

Disclaimer:  I have NOT done clutch work on an Audi, I am just passing on
some info.  

If anyone else can prove/disprove my story, please do so.

Eric S.