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Re: A6 mileage

In a message dated 95-12-27 12:38:32 EST, you write:

>There was a question about A6 mileage.  Our A6 quattro with a 5-speed gets a
>low of 21 in city/highway and 24-26 on all-highway trips.  The car has only
>6500 miles and is still breaking-in.  I'm a pretty gentle driver and stick
>the speed limits in town (which I hope everyone does, given the proximity of
>schools, kids on bikes, etc.) and maybe 5-10 over on the highways.
>- Carl Dreher

I have a '92 100S FWD :-( with the V6 and an automatic, and I get combined
mileage (mostly highway....) of approx. 21-23 mpg now (during the winter) and
was getting 25-27 mpg in the spring/summer/fall seasons... and I drive 70-80
mph on the highway (yeesh... do the State Police monitor this list?) and
reasonably tame in the city (ie no jack-rabbit starts...remember this V6 is
no stoplight stormer...).

I think that is great MPG for doing 70-80 mph.... (sometimes I wonder if I
could break 30 mpg if I went the "double-nickel"... but I haven't been able
to bring myself  to inflicting self-torture!) So, I have no complaints...

                      Jim Griffin
                        '92 100S
          Titanium Grey/Black Leather

       A              U        D            I
       ccelerate   nless   eath is    mminent