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Re: Xmas present/Audi Mug

In a message dated 95-12-26 23:36:28 EST, you write:

>I got what I asked for, a beautiful Audi coffee mug. Santa must have seen 
>that both my car and I we're good all year.
>for anyone who cares, it white with silver(()())audi rings and silver trim.

So, care to share with us where "Santa" may have gotten it? I know his Elves
are pretty good with pottery and all, but I'm sure there is some manufacturer
that sells "something like it" (after all, no one does it quite like Santa
elves, right?).... 

If you can offer where and price, it would be appreciated....


                      Jim Griffin
                        '92 100S
          Titanium Grey/Black Leather

       A              U        D            I
       ccelerate   nless   eath is    mminent