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Re: Mo' Joe-Bob Racin'

In a message dated 95-12-26 14:48:30 EST, you write:

>If you got yours, why, shoot, no problem.  'Course, after you add 
>that Slick-50 stuff, yore engine ought to be practickally invulnbur -
>unvulnurabblble - immune from engine problems....so I guess 
>mebbe you shouldn't NEVER change that oil after you add Slick-50!  
>But mebbe you better add STP after about two tanks of gas, just to 
>be safe.  Tell ya whut - be really safe, add TWO cans of STP!  More 
>mus' be better, right?
>Wisht I could find one-a them gravity carbs to replace this stinky 
>ole' fuel injecshun system...

I'z just had a funny thought... wooden-it' be darn hillareeous if some poor
slob came inta the middle of this har conva-sation and took all this
seeriausly? Could very well be sendan' pistahns and rods through the
hood..... YEE-HAA!!! Nuthin' quite like see-in sum thar fireworks in the
middle of winta'...

Well, gotta go back to slaughterin' them darn pigs... I hee-ah the price of
bacon is goin' up...

Go easy on that thar Skoal.... SSSPPPPHHHTTTT!!! (Darn.. hit my shoe...)

Happy New Yeeah,

(P.S. Just what has gotten into the country's Egg Nog supply? Or did the Audi
gods just loosen a few of our screws?)

                      Jim Griffin
                        '92 100S
          Titanium Grey/Black Leather

       A              U        D            I
       ccelerate   nless   eath is    mminent