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New year, new toys

Happy New Year all,
For any of you who have spare cash lying around, I may have a solution 
for that problem. I stopped by a local used car lot this weekend because 
I saw a ton of used Audis. The jewel there turned out to be a 91 20V 
turbo quattro sedan. Apparently only about 300 were imported into the 
country. It was a fanatically maintained one owner car with 68K on it. 
Maroon 5sp with a 225 hp engine. The owner has already dropped the price 
once from $19,900 to $18,900 and may be willing to haggle a bit more. 
This place also has a lot of other Audis and they move quite a few. They are 
Autosport in Williston, VT (800 639-3144) and the person I talked to was 
Will Stoler. He seemed to know his stuff. The usual disclaimers apply 

96 A4q
92 CBR 600F2

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."