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Re: New year, new toys

>For any of you who have spare cash lying around, I may have a solution 
>for that problem. I stopped by a local used car lot this weekend because 
>I saw a ton of used Audis. The jewel there turned out to be a 91 20V 
>turbo quattro sedan. Apparently only about 300 were imported into the 
>country. It was a fanatically maintained one owner car with 68K on it. 
>Maroon 5sp with a 225 hp engine. The owner has already dropped the price 
>once from $19,900 to $18,900 and may be willing to haggle a bit more. 
>This place also has a lot of other Audis and they move quite a few. They are

>Autosport in Williston, VT (800 639-3144) and the person I talked to was 
>Will Stoler. He seemed to know his stuff. The usual disclaimers apply 

That Dealer is SERIOUSLY Yanking your chain.  More than 300 91 20V's came 
into the country and his price is high....


Eric Fletcher