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Re: Suggestions for repairs

> I have on the '88  5kCSTQ:                                                    
> 1. Hole (2.5cm dia) in the  muffler                                           
>2. A leak in the central hydraulic pump                                      
>3. A leak in the radiator                                                    
>4. 99k miles                                                                 
>How good are the mailorder parts?

If you shop from the right places, they are good enough that you 
will never consider the dealer unless they are the only source 
available. Many of these places buy from the same manufacturer that VW/Audi
buys from, so its the same part. You are better off if you stick with a
mailorder place that specializes in AUdi or at least in German cars, because
there are some cheap parts out there.  Ask if the part is OEM.
> I read last week that a mailorder co. in Chicagoland has metal ends          
> radiator for 135$ (+ shipping)! I'm especially concerned about 

I bought an all metal radiator from PAP this spring for around $180 and
it was obviously made specifically for my car.  I', quite pleased with it.
The $135 part sounds cheap - make sure it is OEM or OEM quality.
> Another thing I was thinking of doing was putting synthetic          
> (redline or so) fluid so I'll have smoother shifting. Any 

Reading the list for years tells me this is a waste of your money. The
factory fill is synthetic and quite expensive.

Jason Douglas
Lead Engineer, Networking and Communications Systems
MITRE Corporation