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Brake Change Tip in 80Q


Over the recent holiday I took some time to put a new set of Repco
Metalmasters brake pads ($73) on my 88 80Q.  While doing the job I realized
something I thought I would pass on so that you do not have to invent the
swear words I did. (I have no factory or Bentley manuals)

After getting the original pads off the caliper, and then trying to press
the brake piston back, open the brake bleeder valve to get rid of the brake
fluid in the caliper.  In older cars, pushing the piston would push the
brake fluid into back into the master cylinder, but the newer cars with ABS
have some sort of checkvalve that won't allow this to happen.

Once the new pads are on, then bleed the brakes to assure no air bubbles are
snuck into the line.

Happy 1996!
Lou M.
88 80Q that stops much better now!