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Re: Brake Change Tip in 80Q

Interesting, I thought all of the Quattros had ABS.  Maybe it was an option.
I even have the cool-in-the-snow disable switch in the dash between the rear
fog light switch and the computer selector buttons.  I know when you also
select to lock the hubs with the switch between the seats it also disables
the ABS temporarily.

For the folks on the list, I rec'd other mail that I'll pass on also, and
that is that the REARs do require rotation of the piston to get it to
retract.  I believe due to the emergency brake setup.
>> Hmmmmm.... Last time I did pads on my Q (Maybe 6K miles ago) I just 
>> pressed the piston's right back in, using a BIG OL pair of channel locks, 
>> No check valve on any ABS car I've seen.
>Ditto.. and I didnt think the '88 80Q had ABS (my wifes doesnt) Maybe an