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Re: Brake Change Tip in 80Q

>Interesting, I thought all of the Quattros had ABS.  Maybe it was an option.
>I even have the cool-in-the-snow disable switch in the dash between the rear
>fog light switch and the computer selector buttons.  I know when you also
>select to lock the hubs with the switch between the seats it also disables
>the ABS temporarily.
We ain't talking dorF trucks here!  The "lever", knob whatever locks the 
Center and Rear Diffs (Depending on position) not the hubs.... the cars 
are AWD meaning it's permament, therefore there is no "locking Hub" per 

>For the folks on the list, I rec'd other mail that I'll pass on also, and
>that is that the REARs do require rotation of the piston to get it to
>retract.  I believe due to the emergency brake setup.
Yes they do.  Sorry on my part I was only refering to the front brakes 
and I did not make that clear.


Eric Fletcher