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Re: Brake Change Tip in 80Q

Speaking of these twisting rear calipers...

Scott and I replaced the rear pads on his sil's new 100q.  It had two 
slots on the outer edge of the piston face.  We used needle nose pliers 
to turn his calipers back in.  My dad tried to change the pads on his SHO 
a couple of days later and had the same setup.  Only when he turned the 
caliper, it would never catch and compress (we ran into this on the 100, 
but it finally caught).  Daddy turned and turned and finally gave up.  
Anybody know the trick?

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Tue, 2 Jan 1996 prl@ptc.com wrote:

> >After getting the original pads off the caliper, and then trying to press
> >the brake piston back, open the brake bleeder valve to get rid of the brake
> >fluid in the caliper.  In older cars, pushing the piston would push the
> >brake fluid into back into the master cylinder, but the newer cars with ABS
> >have some sort of checkvalve that won't allow this to happen.
> I know on the REAR calipers of my '86 5KCST, you can't just "press" the calipers 
> in, but need a large allan socket to twist the caliper piston back in.  The 
> fronts just take a large "C" clamp.
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