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Re: subarus (was: A valid comparison?

> subarus used to be no more advanced than f*** truck SUV's but they've
> come a long way from those days.  if i'm not mistaken they have at
> least one world rally championship under their belt, which means that
> at the very least it's got better breeding than most japanese
> appliances.  

Mitsubishi with its "VR-4" series on almost all of its models (only the 
GTO/4000GT is imported into U.S.) and some other Japanese mfr's are also 
some long-time AWD/4WD mfr's -- even Honda with its AWD Integra. The 
problem is that they realize that U.S. market is simply not suited for 
AWD. Audi and Subarus survived due to the loyalty of long-time cutomers.

> there's now the impreza WRX that is doing really well in recent WRC
> events.. twin turbos and 217 bhp into 3100 pounds stock.  i think they
> picked up where audi left off in the rallying scene.  of course this
> car is not available in the US.  sometimes americans deserve it for
> their perenially poor taste.  yeah, that f*** truck 4X4 with leaf
> springs is way more macho than a WRC killer.......
> i wouldn't be in the least inhibited to take a serious look at a turbo
> AWD subaru, especially one that is a WRC homologation special.  they

The last rumor is that Subaru is seriously considering selling the 
Impreza WRX in U.S. due to the fact it's selling quite well elsewhere. 
Ahh... another "$30,000" Subaru for U.S. consumers. As far as rumors are 
concerned, there's also strong rumor that Nissan is going to base the 
next Z-successor on the Skyline.

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