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RE: A valid comparison?/ Wanted: A4Q

> Is the Merc 4-Matic still available here in the States? That's the only 
> family oriented car of the bunch.

Nay. Mercedes has discontinued the 4-Matic everywhere due to bad sales. 
There used to be a plan for a new kind of 4-Matic when they were planning 
the new E-class, but I think the plan was shelved for good when the 
E-class based AAX (or whatever) SUV was announced.

BUt face it, the MB's 4-Matic was too complicated and heavy. What most 
people does not know is that 4-Matic will only engage into 4WD mode in 
the 1st gear IF wheel spin is detected. THe 4WD will disengage as soon 
as it leaves the 1st, no matter if further wheel spin is detected or not.

The problem with 4-Matic was there wasn't a good support (e.g. sales) 
back in Europe where consumers there got better selection of AWD, in which 
Audi is considered one of the "big 3" who got more experience in AWD and 
in model ranges among others.

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