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1.8L woes/breakers

1  I just sold my old Quantum wagon w/4cyl and 5 speed to a guy at work.  
We fixed a bunch  of stuff on it, but one thing decided to ruin the 
deal.  When you first start the car, everything's fine.  After a few 
minutes (especially at night) the dash lights start to dim and the 
headlights then dim also.  After that, all electrical items die.  Wait an 
hour or two and the process repeats.  Any ideas?

2  My sunroof on my GL5 has real gooey tracks which causes a lot of 
resistance.  The other night I was shutting it and it died.  The power 
windows also were disabled.  I found a relay called the power window 
circuit breaker which I figured tripped if your kid had his head out the 
window/sunroof while you were trying to shut it and the current got too 
high.  Anybody know how to reset this thing?  Looks like I'm gonna have 
to take off part of the dash to get to it.  It's way up there on the fuse 


Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart