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Re: subarus (was: A valid comparison?

> > The last rumor is that Subaru is seriously considering selling the 
> > Impreza WRX in U.S. due to the fact it's selling quite well elsewhere. 
> > Ahh... another "$30,000" Subaru for U.S. consumers.
> nah, wait 8 months and they will discount it to $19,999.  i will
> seriously take a look at one if they bring it here.  the main
> attraction: "only 2% fat" :) , lots of power and decent pedigree.
> plus, i've always liked the horizontally opposed engine layout...
> i think it has a better chance than the SVX because the SVX is
> probably too radically styled, plus it did not have the racing
> credentials, which i think count for a lot.  how many audi freaks here
> were first converted by the 88/89 racing Q's?  or the WRC/pikes peak
> Q's?
> eliot

I drove one of those wedge thingies that Subaru made with the flat six 
and was really suprised.  It's not a bad car.  The biggest joke with 
that, the SVX, and even the WRX is the lack of a manual transmission.  
How can you make a car like SVX and WRX with automatic only???  That's 
worse than the new V8 SHO.

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart