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Hi all,

The S6 has gone back gone back to the press pool.  First I hope they replace the
bent wheel and put on snows.  I've asked to be put on the wait list to try an

The S6 we had did have the rear diff lock button.  Don't know the build date.

Leaving today, of course just when it has snowed , is the Subaru Outback. How
timely for the current discussion.

I never got to try it in the snow but I can comment on it.  Far better than I
expected.  I've never been a Jap car fan at all though they build fine cars.
The Outback, compared to the SUVs they hope to take sales from is a real option.

It was quick enough. The auto tranny was fine.  Quick downshifts and late
upshifts if you stay in it. Very quiet on the highway, even at 80mph.  Far
better ride than any SUV.  A firm ride too though with the big 205-70/15 tires
nasty hard edged holes and such don't bang and slam.  Very little tire noise
even on concrete highways.  None of the mushy wallowing ride I was expecting.
Lots of headroom F&R and the cargo area held the new highback leather on wheels
seat I'm in now.  Assembled!  The seats are OK but not super.  I wish I could
have adjusted the angle of the seat bottom a little.  Tilt wheel but I put it up
and it stayed there.

 The loudest noise any part of the Outback makes short of the engine at full
throttle is the damn roof rack. Starting at 45mph the howl starts and just gets
louder.  The car is so quiet that unless you crank the radio you can't get away
from it. Delete roof rack. 

So compared to the S6, well it doesn't but then I was just spoiled wasn't I.  I
know the Outback would have done the snow better than the S6 but remember those
S6 tires.  Given snows the S6 would have ruled.

Outback vs SUV?  Most of the SUVs I see are driven by women.  Not to get in
trouble with the women on this list but do they want to drive what is basically
a well trimmed truck?  Having driven Blazers, Exploreers, Monteros etc.  give me
the Outback to drive on twisty back roads.  Truck based SUVs just don't handle.
They pitch and dive and roll and bounce you around.  The Outback is a car
trimmed as an SUV.  It looks the part.  All these Ads for SUVs lead us to
believe that when the sky falls in we better have an SUV, a truck.  What I
believe many current owners of SUVs feel they need is AWD,ABS and some cargo
room.  they don't need the 15mpg gallon beast that is a bear to park or get up

OK I'm off my soapbox now.  I guess I'm not an SUV fan either.  They are too
hyped up.  The Outback seems as capable as most SUVs in many areas.

Of course the Outback can't tow worth beans or drive over a log.  How many
people care?

I still want a Quattro.