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Fan bearing replacement procedure

Ok, several of you responded to the post, so here goes.
Tools needed:
Punch with a flat end
Center punch
Dremel tool
Appropriate wrench for nut that retains fan blade (17 mm I think)
Drill with 1/8" bit
Pop rivet tool
Supplies needed:
Pop rivets 
Bearings (SKF 6001-2Z) 

2. Remove the fan from the car. (Note the orientation of the motor) The fan 
    and shroud need to be removed as a unit.
3. Remove the fan blades from the motor. The nut that holds the blades on is
    LEFT hand threaded.
4. The ends of the fan are crimped on by using a chisel to expand the edges
    of the body where they meet the end plates.  Use the flat punch to move
    the expanded area of the body back to it's original shape.
5. Mark the orientation of the end caps. Pry the end caps off.
6. Remove the nuts from the two studs that the wires attach to and remove 
    the brush plate assembly.
7. Use the Dremel tool to grind the heads off the rivets on the front bearing
    bearing retainer plate.  You could probably use the drill to drill them out 
    but I ground them off.
8. Drill the front plate for the pop rivets (use the pop rivets to replace the 
    welded rivets)
9. Remove and replace the bearings in both the end plates.
10. Pop rivet the front bearing retainer back on.
11. Remount the brush plate assembly to the rear end plate.
12. Insert the armature into the rear end plate bearing ( the brushes will need
      to be held away from the armature while doing this. I used four pieces of
      wire to hold the brushes while I inserted the armature into the bearing)
13. Insert the armature into the fan body. (hold the armature against the rear
      end plate while doing this or the magnets in the fan body could pull it out
      of the bearing/brushes.) 
14. Align the marks on the rear end cap and push it onto the fan body.
15. Aligh the marks on the front end cap and push it onto the fan body.
16. Check the pop rivets for clearance. Depending on the size used, they may
      need to be trimmed.
17. Use the chisel to re-expand the edges of the body where they meet the
      end plates. 
18. Test fan operation.
19. Remount the fan blades. 
20. Reassemble fan to shroud and install in car.

                                 Hope this helps and good luck,
                                            Mike Loeks
                                            '86 5kcstq  Squared
                                            '84 Landcruiser