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Energy MXV4 Impressions

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Hello all,

Well after driving through several days of snow here in Calgary, Ive decided to rid my V6 90Q of its V-rated summer Michelins, for a set of Michelin Energy MXV4 H-rated All-seasons. (205/60)

Impressions so far:

* much quieter and smoother riding
* better grip in poor weather conditions

Ive also noticed a loss of steering response.  Is this because the H-rated side wall is not as stiff?  Can I compensate by increasing the inflation pressures from 32 to say 35,36?  What is a good compromise for comfort/handling?

Pulled up beside a Lexus SC300 wearing Eagle GA's at a snowcovered intersection this am.  He took off straight as an arrow, no slippage at all.  Where as my tail end started to break right on me.  Embarassingly I was left in his snow clouds, after a well-powered start on my behalf.  What gives?  Perhaps I was sitting on a patch of ice, and he wasnt?