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Timed relay?...huh?

 Posted a question about my rear wiper on my 90CQ not working a while back,
still doesn't work. Took off the motor cover and all the gearing is good and
greasey. Talked to the dealer (machanic) he thought it was a the relay. Talked
to another (respected) German shop and they said "no, I don't thinks so.
Because it's a timed relay." What exactly is a timed relay?  Any ideas on
fixing this rear wiper short of taking it to the dealer?
 Hey, maybe I should buy one of them thar VR4 things.....nah. Athough, I
drove a 90 Eagle Talon Turbo and I must say it's lots of fun to lay rubber
down in "3" gears......mucho power but terrible turbo lag. If I ever buy
Japanese, I'll take an RX7 or 300ZX TT...if anyone cares...didn't think so.

90 90CQ 39K
90 FZR1000 10K 

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