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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

In a message dated 96-01-04 09:47:11 EST, you write:

>It appears that with the onset of winter, Audi owners everywhere are
>the woeful state of lighting in their cars, especially the 200's.  In the
>to install fog lights they are, perhaps, not considering another option:
>XL auxiliary low beams.  I just installed them on my '91 200 TQW and they
>make a
>big difference.  The beam pattern is wide close to the car (similar to fog
>lights, but maybe not quite as wide) and also iluminates a good distance in
>center.  In impromptu and very unscientific tests (flashing high beams off
>on) I found them to have a range equal to the stock high beams on my car,
>much "cleaner/whiter" light.  They are an all-around better solution for
>use, but probably too bright for heavy fog or snow.  I think Eric Fletcher
>recommended them in a previous post, but bemoaned the cost.  Automotive
>Performance Systems (APS) in CA has them for $105, complete with Hella FUSED
>relay, wires, switch (not factory), etc.   They advertise in european car,
>but I
>forgot to ask about any reader/internet discount.   These are DOT legal when
>used as extra low beams.  This also makes a very easy install: tap
>power from the battery post in engine bay, tap switched low beam wire to
>(already fused), run output from relay to lights.  You don't need to run a
>into the passenger compartment.  This does mean your aux lights will be on
>whenever your low beams are on, and only then, but it's easy and effective.
>drawback is idjits who see additional lights on and think "That guy is
>me" or "He forgot to turn his fog lights off" and proceed to flash their
>beams at you.
>I have not finalized where I am going to mount them on my car yet, I think
>the bumper is better, but I'm too much of a coward to drill in the top (I
>already did on the bottom).  I think I may remove the black rubber trim
>the chrome strip and the grill, trim a gap, then attempt some sort of
>mounting set-up.

Those lights are great, I put a few sets on other folks cars that have crappy
lights (passat, Westphallica, jetta) and found them to be awesome.......  In
deference to Eric, I'm not sure that putting 100w bulbs in them is such a
good idea, they are too bright when you really need the light the most, in
mist fog or snow/rain.......  These lights should be mounted ABOVE THE BUMPER
whenever possible (hmmm, but scott, what about the look cool argument.......
 Sorry) otherwise the reflection you describe is exactly what you get.......
  Beware, most states have a 6 forward facing light law, tho, if you cover
the others, you are LEGAL (NJTH court case, MI 1986), so "operational"
becomes the key word.........