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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

On Jan 04, 1996 11:26:01, 'garyjh@bernstein.com (Gary Harris)' wrote: 
>>Absolutely. BTW, I've tried high power 9004 bulbs on my wife's previous
>>(a Saab 9000) and found that  I spent a lot of time replacing crisped 
>>connectors. IMHO, the 9004 bulb connector simply can't handle the extra 
>>juice from a higher wattage bulb, so I'm not going this route on the
>>Lee Levitt  
>If you want to safely use the higher wattage bulbs, you've got to use 
>heavier gauge wires and use relays to handle the switching.  Otherwise, 
>you'll be replacing connectors (or worse if it shorts out) forever.  You 
>will also get more light from that same bulb because the heavier gauge
>will pass more current. 
Gary, thanks for your message. The frying connector on the Saab was
downstream of any relays (at the bulb). So I don't know whether relays
would have helped...also relays screw up the bulb out sensor, unless you
use one per light (two per light?) 
Lee M. Levitt