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re: high performance 9004 bulbs

I wrote: 
>I did note, however, that GE has a higher performance bulb that is the
>wattage as a standard bulb, supposedly with up to 80% more light (which by

 ^^^^^^^                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
>the way, is about the minimum you'd need to notice *any* difference). 
>Anyone have any experience with these bulbs? 
And Alan Cordeiro responded: 
>When, where, how can we all get these great bulbs that give 80% 
>more light for the SAME WATTAGE. 
>Suppliers, prices, quattro-group-discounts, 
Uh, er, I saw it mentioned in the latest issue of R&T, or maybe Autoweek.
I'll go back and check for further details. I'll post what I find... 
Lee M. Levitt 
1990 Audi 200 67K 
1988 Volvo 745T 112K