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quattro information


I have a few questions about the inner-workings of a quattro drive train.
on my 865kcstq, when diffs are not locked, how is power dished out from side
to side?  Are the front and rear diffs limited slip or posi-traction or
something else?  How is power distributed front to rear?  Is there a lower
limit?  I've noticed the rear end will flail around in corners.  Granted, I
don't have snows, but in an ideal world, wouldn't the power be distributed
to the front if the rear has broken loose?  What effect does locking one or
both diffs do?  Does it lock side to side and/or front to back?  What are
the benefits of the quattro system over a four wheel drive system?  Can
anyone can suggest some reading material to become more familiar with the
quattro system and/or all wheel drive and/or four wheel drive?

Sorry for my ignorance on this subject.  Thanks for any info you  can send
my way.

Allan Tygert