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Wierdness from the front end

Hi all,
I have a problem that's been bugging me on my 86 5kcstq for a while.  I hope
the Audi brain trust can help me solve this one.

I've noticed lately, when I accelerate or brake hard, the car starts to head
for the right shoulder.  I suspect tie rods, but I'd like to here some more
informed opinions.  The car has 106k miles, new Boge struts at 95k, a new
steering rack at 90k, new rotors and pads and caliper rbuilds at 98k.  The
front end was aligned after the struts were installed.  Additionally, since
this problem surfaced, I've noticed the wheel is no longer centered. It
always looks like I'm in a wide right turn.

I appreciate any insights.

Allan Tygert