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Fwd: The Police Report, pt. II

>... eventually, the call went through and a MAN answered!  He said 
>she's out
>running an errand but should be back in a few minutes then asked if he 
>take a message ... I mumbled something to the effect of "No, I was 
>her call, returning my call, etc." when he cut me off by saying 
>"You're that
>guy with the Audi who ran into her friend the other week..."

all i could think of when i read this was the sound homer simpson makes 
out of frustration, disgust, etc., which he accompanies with a slap to 
the forehead.  tried to spell it phonetically (to no avail), but i 
think you get the message.  anyway, i'll join in giving you a hi-5 for 
a bold effort.  better luck next time.

andre w.
'91 coupe q aka "Q COUP 91"

ps. maybe its an iterative process, and you can continue until you get 
a Ferrari (ooops, meant an Avus) and/or a supermodel!