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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

> Actually, you do use two per bulb (one for high beam and one for low
> beam).
> The stock wiring is not heavy enough to handle the increased current flow,
> so they will burn at connections.  This happened to my motorcycle.  After
> I took the stock wiring out of the high current flow (by using heavier
> [14] gauge wires and relays), the connector frying stopped.
> I know of a few others who have made the same modifications with excelent,
> reliable results.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.  I've been running these bulbs for a few
years now and seem to be replacing the sockets every 3 to 6 months (they are
$2.79 each at Pep Boys, BTW) and I'm running 4 relays -- 1 for each filament
-- and 12/14 gauge wire.  It's not as good as the Euro setup but a heck of a
lot cheaper!

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