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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

At 12:30 PM 1/4/96 -0800, Jeff Loh wrote:

>I too, am disappointed with the wattage on my 4Ks and my Jetta. Seems these
>so called aero lenses don't work as well as the round Euro lights.

Although a round shape would help and more wattage as well, it's generally
not the aero lenses at fault--just Audi (and a bit less so) VW's execution
on the US-spec aero lights.  My 200q's Euro-spec lights are fine (great,
even) with the standard H4--just keep them clean!   I've also seen/rented
quite a few other cars (US, Japanese--funny how rental companies rarely have
Euro cars available) with quite good aero lenses--I was particularly
impressed with some Subaru Legacy headlights. 
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