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Halogen/HMI Lights

STEADIRIC said, to illuminate :-) us all:
> In the Mid 70's we got this really cool advance in lighting technology one
> that allowed use to produce 4.4 times light (Lumens) of a tungstun halagon
> lamp of the same power rating.  So know we were able to plug a light into the
> wall that made the equivilant to 5000 watt's of light for the same current
> draw as a tungstun halagon light of 1000 watts.  These are know as HMI lamps
> or just simply discharge lamps.  The other advantage to these lamps is that
> they produce a light that better simulates sunlight with a color temp of 5600
> Kelvin or more towards the blue end of the visual spectrum, the end that our
> eyes are much better suited to seeing in once again helping the Apparent
> brightness.  This same light technology is just know making it to the
> automobile industry as the Gas Discharge lamps or Xenon lamps in some of the
> higher $$ cars.  These lights are so efficent that 35 watts looks like a 150
> watt's in a tungstun lamp.

Well put, Eric...and a very informative summary of the subject!  
Thanks!  I had thought (for some reason I can't fathom now) that 
HMIs were slightly less tolerant of voltage fluctuations than were 
halogens...which would have hindered their use in automotive 
applications....but either (most likely) I was wrong - or they've 
dealt with it.

Any forecast on when/if we might be able to find HMI-type lamps which 
will work in the Audi application?  They'd be worth a real premium 
price.  Also FWIW - altho I have had no problems with the 60/100w 
lamps I'm running in my 200T, based on recent discussions I have 
decided to pull them and add driving lights for hi-beam service.  The 
low beams are not bothering me that much.  Maybe the reason I've had 
no socket problems is that I run mostly on lows with the traffic 
here, and they're only 5w hotter than stock.

Hmmm...maybe I better modify that last statement.  I did lose my 
"flash-to-pass" feature (no flash) and haven't gotten into it to see 
what the deal is.  I suspect the contacts went west with the hi-watt 
lamps......so I lied, sue me......

And so it goes..................

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