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Re: Halogen/HMI Lights

>Well put, Eric...and a very informative summary of the subject!  
>Thanks!  I had thought (for some reason I can't fathom now) that 
>HMIs were slightly less tolerant of voltage fluctuations than were 
>halogens...which would have hindered their use in automotive 
>applications....but either (most likely) I was wrong - or they've 
>dealt with it.

The original HMI ballast pretty much sucked and with even a 5% 
fluctiation in Line voltage would either shut the lamp down if it was on 
or prevent the lamp from turning on when it was struck. The present 
ballast's are MUCH better.

>Any forecast on when/if we might be able to find HMI-type lamps which 
>will work in the Audi application? 
They are already in the A8.  As for a retrofit kit for our cars...  I 
doubt that we will get that old!


Eric Fletcher