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mystery valve=decel valve

Hi folks,

I too had the high idle problem. As Rod mentioned, I removed the "mystery
valve", referred to by Audi as the decel valve. The decel valve is in place
(only in the US versions, I've heard) to keep your engine from going 
"Bum ba da bum bum da bum bum da bum" (everybody got that?) when you 
take your foot off the gas and let the engine spin down. I guess Audi 
thought people would object to this sound (I kinda like it). Put a nice
loud free flowing exhaust system on and take out the decel valve. Then stand
behind the car as you hve somebody rev the engine the let the gas pedal go.
You'll hear that noise. I guess you could replace the decel valve with a
functioning one if you really don't like the sound of the engine winding 

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