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ur-quattro idiot lights...


Hold up folks. From what I've been seeing, it looks like the idiot lights for
the pre-'84s are different from the '84-on cars. There are different lights 
and they are in a different order. So if you have a pre-84 ur-quattro, you
are excused from this test.

Let me make my request a bit more specific. I'm curious about the behavior of
the red oil pressure warning light, the red coolant temp light, and the 
blue coolant temp light. With regards to the red coolant and oil pressure
lights, do they both come on when you turn on the ignition? Does one of them
flash? If so, which one? Do they stay on after the car starts? If so, how 
long? And about how long do peoples "cold engine" lights stay on? Until the
car is totally warm, or until the idle drops out of warmup mode and into 
normal running mode. Should these two events correspond?

Also, anybody know of a set of 5-spoke Fuchs alloys from the 87-88 5000t/tq
for sale? I've got cash waiting.

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