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Sport Q restoration! Wow!

Hi John,

Wow, let me say you are one lucky dude. The Sport Quattro is truly the
ultimate ur-quattro.

Let me make sure I understand what you have. From your description, it
sounds like this Sport Q was crashed then abandoned? Was it an Audi
factory racer or one of the 200 street homologation cars? From your post,
I'm going to take a guess as to the components you have and the components
you are missing.

You have:
- the basic unibody "frame"
- the left and right doors
- the passenger side front fender
- the trunk lid
- the rear bumper?
- glass?
- 3 of the 4 struts
- brakes?

You are missing:
- The engine
- the tranny
- the rear diff and drive shaft?
- the hood
- the driver's side front fender
- the front bumper and grille?
- the interior and instruments

Before you install a 10V MC engine, I would consider an S4/S6 engine. The
20V turbo engine from the S4/S6 is very similar to the Sport Q engine 
(crossflow 20V head, one cam belt driven, the other cam geared to the 
belt driven one, same wastegate location, etc.). Just put a K27 on an
S4 engine and you basically have it save for the alloy block.

There is supposed to be some big, expensive, out of print book about the
Sport Q, but I would recommend the Brooklands Gold Portfolio on the
Audi Quattro. It has several articles about the Sport Q, and many pictures.
The pictures aren't the best quality, but there are some diagrams on the
Sport Q interior that indicate what goes where. It's only like $20 and would
definitely get you headed in the right direction.

Although I have never looked into this, genuine Sport Quattro parts may
be available for less $ than you think. Send me your e-mail address and
I'll see if I can get you in touch with some people who can help you out.

Too bad the engine is gone. The all alloy 20V is a beautiful thing.

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