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Rough idle

I have a '90 200T/auto and a rough idle. I have new injectors, Fuel Filter,
Plugs, Cap/rotor and Fuel pump. Has 107k miles on it. My only other Audi was
a 5k with the 5speed so I don't know if this is characteristic of a Turbo
and/or automatic. My idle is around 700 and seems to fluctuate somewhat. I
also have another possibly related issue. My knock sensor light comes on
when I accelerate hard. I have tried all types of gas but no difference.
There isn't any apparent effect to the way the car runs (no knock or noise)
and the performance seems to be fine. I understand that the knock sensors
are very sensitive on these cars (mine has 2) Any ideas would be 
appreciated !!

Bob Dunne
P.S. Overall condition of the engine is superb. Does not use any oil, knock