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400 fuel filter

At my mechanic's suggestion, in the hopes of eliminating some
running problems, I set out to replace the 2nd fuel filter in
my 84 4000sq.  Yes, there are TWO filters on this car, regardless
of what some people may think.  The 'normal' metal canister filter
like on most VW/Audis is located after the fuel pump, on the left
side of the car and runs about $20.  There is another filter, a smaller
plastic one, that costs $12 and is located between the tank and
the pump, near the rear differential.  It's a fairly tough location
but I figured it would be an easy install until I ripped the rubber
fuel line trying to get it off.  No problem, how hard could it
be to find a fuel line?  Not hard at all if you have a 'murican car.
"Hi, do you have a 3.5x11mm rubber fuel line?"  "Nope, we've got
3/8", 1/4" and 1/2"  Oh.  Call, call, call.  Local dealer is closed.
Other dealers are out of it.  Oh well, at least the next day is a 
holiday.  Finally had to order it from the local dealer - it comes
in a coil of 2-3 meters and costs ALMOST $30!  (American
sizes are about $1/ft.)  Ridiculous.

Anyway, the car is back together and running better (so I think).
I switched to synthetic for the first time ever, so we'll see
how it goes.  As far as the fuel problems, I still haven't ruled
out the pump itself.  Can't WAIT to get back under the car... :)

(pictures coming soon to my web pages).

Oh... I lost the front spoiler while offroading in a local parking lot.
Turns out I hit a (blush) cement divider and bent a rim, ripped off
the a/c belt and lost the spoiler.  I'll go back and look for it
in April...

My wife:
"You must be the only fool in NY who shouts with glee when he wakes 
up to 3+ inches of snow"

"Not the only one.  There are others"


| Dan |
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