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Re: 4KSQ:Fuel System Woes (Was 4KSQ won't start)

> Has anyone out there had experience troubleshooting the fuel system on 
> the 4K?  I can hear the fuel pump run, and I can smell gas.  I have 
> checked all of the fuses in the box and they all seem fine.  Any ideas?  
Hahahaha!  Yeah, that would be me.
The easiest thing to do is check how much fuel you are getting 
at the distributor (Bentley has a good procedure for this with
measurements).  Are your plugs getting soaked?  It could be that
the cold start valve went bad, or perhaps the thermotime sensor.
As far as the pump/filters, as I posted, there are 2 filters
on the 4000, a plastic one before the pump, and a metal one
after the pump.  Bob Damato reminded me many CIS/CIS-E cars have
a little filter/plug thingie in the line that goes to the fuel 
distributor, so make sure that is clear.

Is it cold where you're at?  Could be frozen water in your fuel
if you got some bad gas.

Poke around a bit more and let us know what you find.

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