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Re: 4KSQ:Fuel System Woes (Was 4KSQ won't start)

On Tue, 9 Jan 1996, Mark Engebretson wrote:

> Last week I posted a message regarding my 1985 4KSQ that suddenly died in 
> my carport.  It had been running just fine, but one evening it failed to 
> start.  The engine turns over, but no bang.  At the time I felt that it 
> was a failure in the ignition system.  A number of you responded with 
> ideas and information that led me through the trouble shooting of the 
> ignition system.  Now I have found that the ignition system is indeed 
> intact, and that the problem must be somewhere in the fuel system.

Oooohhh this is like deja Vu! Anyway, now that Im out of the twilight 
zone ( You stay outta this Eric! :)   Check these two things...

1) Timing belt. If its broken, you arent going anywhere and it wont start.

2) Check the Big rubber 'boot' thing that is over your air filter box, 
both ends of it (ESPECIALLY INTAKE SIDE) Once in a while if they backfire 
in a start, they pop off, causing a huge vacuum leak. (...and as we know, 
nature abhores a vacuum). If its off, just pop it back on.

Its a **SMALL** possibility that the timing belt skipped a tooth or 
three. Not likely but possible. Put cyl 1 (front most) at TDC on the 
firing stroke (You should be able to tell that by cam position or 
distributer... but if the cam is off.... blah blah blah...) So check @ 
distr.  Once at TDC, check the cam timing mark. They should coincide.

If you have any questions with this, let me know... email me offline, Ill 
walk you through the boring details.



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