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Re: corrado

> Lets see, the rear wing of the corrado pops up at 40 mph. Consider all 
> the weight involved in this. (motors, wiring etc). Dont really care what 
> that german piece of paper says, but at 40 mph (Or any speed the corrado 
> can attain) Id be willing to bet its doing very little. If it IS doing 
> some good at 40, then VW better rethink their designs, because it sucks.

The only reason it pops up at 45 here in the US is because the NMSL used to
be 55mph and VW was afraid it would be difficult to sell a car with a nifty
feature that was designed to work only at extra-legal speeds.  As a result,
they redesigned the control circuit to make it pop up at 45mph versus 65mph
(I'm not certain of the exact figure) used on the euro-spec cars.  The same
is also true of the Porsche C4 or so I've been told.

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