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Why can't we all get along?

Not to sound like Rodney King or anything but I've been reading some of the
posts that passed through my modem recently and found myself puzzled by the
seemingly arrogant and nasty tone of more than a few of them.  Who cares if
elliot likes the VW Corrado or PDQSHIP finds his brother's Mitsubishi worth
praise in some respects?  As much as I like Audis (and I do, owning four of
them at the moment), I don't make excuses for them.  They're not perfect (I
don't think any one car can be), they're not always reliable (although I've
known cars that were even less so) and if someday I find a BMW, Mercedes or
even (gasp!) Chrysler that better fits my needs/tastes/budget, I'll buy it.

Until then, though, I'm happy with MY choice and I'm happy that my sister's
happy with HER choice (Honda Accord LXi) and that my neighbor is happy with
HER choice (Ford Explorer) ... I'm also happy with the sense of camaraderie
that generally prevails among the subscribers to this list and I'd be a lot
happier still if I didn't have to wade through an endless number of "mine's
bigger than yours" posts about why a certain car sucks or another one blows
as compared to whatever model of Audi the writer owns.  It seems to me that
if you're into cars, you're into cars, period.  Where they come from or who
they were made by is of secondary importance to how well they perform their
intended function and I for one can usually find something to appreciate in
the design of even the most humble little shitbox economy car...

Any guesses as to who had a bad day at work?   :^l

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